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Confidential - Reliable - Affordable

TraceGenie guarantees the validity of data and trace results.

We will conduct a re-trace at no additional cost, should the information we provide prove to be inaccurate within the 60-day guarantee period.

We use the latest search tools and a selection of databases, combined with the expertise of our specialist telephone/field tracing network and TraceGenie Management System to establish the whereabouts of the Beneficiary. This service is a trace and verification process and confirmed beneficiary details will be available in real time once confirmed and verified on the TraceGenie Portal.

Our network of tracing agents will be utilised to do the physical field tracing and confirmation. Field Agents, consult with relevant community structures e.g. community based organisations, ward councillors and chiefs.

Trace information will be guaranteed for 60 days. Should you inform us within the guarantee period that the information provided is incorrect, we will attempt a re- trace at no fee if already invoiced. All confirmed trace reports will be available to you on a daily basis, in real time, on our system.

You will have full access to our online system and can draw reports in any of the following formats: CSV, Excel or PDF. All reports have detailed information on all actions performed. Confirmed trace reports will display the confirmed, updated shareholder or beneficiary details. 

While successful contact rates by tracing agents in the industry ranges between 25%-60% dependent upon member data completeness, data integrity and membership demographics.

Our entire system is designed as a network between the Supplier (Client), the TraceGenie Platform and the Tracing Agents. 

We also use our sister company, Smarttrace,, for data enrichment of all instructions. Smarttrace has access to 60 million consumer records from various Credit Bureaux, including confirmed deceased details.

Tracing Process Workflow

  • Data is received from the clients and then loaded to the company system
  • Data to be analysed and split into with ID or no ID
  • With ID - will go to Smarttrace for Data Enrichment
  • No ID with DOB - will go to Smarttrace for possible matches on DOB, Name, Surname
  • No ID no DOB - Potential contact data from different databases through data mining techniques
  • Next step will be to split Deceased and Alive Records
  • Smarttrace will do data cleansing, ID Verification and Deceased flag
  • Once all data processes are done, data is loaded onto TraceGenie for tracing
  • Tracing Agents in the network now claim and work the 

Additional Verification Services

  • Bank Account Verification (AVS)
  • Death Certifiactes
  • ID Verification

NB - Please note that the "No Trace No Fee" is not applicable to Verification Services.

Beneficiary Tracing Services

  • Desktop tracing
  • Physical tracing
  • Collation of documentation
  • Investigative tracing
  • Forensic tracing

Debtor Tracing Services

  • Contact details trace (RPC - Right Party Contact)
  • Residential Trace
  • Employment Trace
  • Residential & Employment
  • Administration confiramtion and Verification
  • Debt Review confirmation and Verification

Business / General Tracing Services

  • Contact Trace: Trace and confirm latest contact details.
  • Shareholder tracing
  • Third Party tracing
  • Company trace
  • Director trace

A Low Risk Service Provider

We work on a no success, no payment basis and only allow and approve highly skilled and specialised tracing agents on our network, assuring you of the most professional performance and results at all times.

A Capable and Reliable Partnership

We prefer to work in partnership with our clients, in an accountable and transparent approach to business dealings. Cloud-based and accessible from any device, you have full access to the system to monitor the progress of your instructions in real-time. Your trace instructions will not be returned until every avenue has been exhausted and every attempt made to fulfil your instruction.

Our goal is to provide an exceptional experience each time, as we believe word of mouth referrals from satisfied and happy customers are our most powerful marketing message.

Value for Money

Our fees are competitive and represent very good value for money to our clients. We do not expect that our fees are considerably more than our competitors, but using the TraceGenie Platform equates to complete control and transparency, minimal risk of fraud, faster turnaround times and peace of mind knowing your instructions are in the most capable hands.

For our fee, we offer:

  • 100% accuracy - our qualified agents do comprehensive quality checks on each confirmed trace, including bank verification, if required;
  • 24/7 access to the system to monitor progress in real-time;
  • 60-day guarantee on data and trace results;
  • Free re-trace, within the 60-day guarantee period;
  • Instant access to a national network of over 200 highly skilled and experienced trace agents.

For you the client, this means you are working with an organisation that brings extensive previous experience, backed by the best agents. We have the technology, processes and methodologies to meet and exceed your expectations and successfully deliver the required outcomes.