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At TraceGenie, we go the extra mile to ensure the authenticity of trace results and data.

We also offer a free re-trace provided the information has been confirmed to be inaccurate within the 60-day guarantee period.

TraceGenie utilizes state-of-the-art search tools, a combination of databases with a dedicated and an experienced telephone/field tracing network, and the innovative TraceGenie Management System to confirm the location of the beneficiaries. The service is a trace and verification procedure, to established the details any beneficiaries that are available in real time, as soon as they are verified and checked on the TraceGenie portal.

Our team of tracing agents is used to conduct physical field tracing and confirm the details of beneficiaries. These field agents maintain a friendly relationship with local community members such as chiefs, community-based groups, and ward councilors.

There is a 60-day guarantee for trace information. In the event that you receive inaccurate information, within the grace period of sixty days. We offer a re-trace at no extra cost, when you have been invoiced and we will ensure all confirmed trace reports are made available to you each day, in real time on our system.

Our clients have unlimited access to our online system and may retrieve reports in their preferred formats like CSV, Excel or PDF. Each of the statements offers concise information on every process and procedure carried out on it. Once trace reports that have been confirmed, the updated or established details of the beneficiaries or shareholder will be reflected on the TraceGenie Management System.

The average successful contact rates by tracing agents in the industry range between 25%-60% dependent upon member data completeness, data integrity, and membership demographics and we pride ourselves having achied a 63% average since 2015 .

Our system is created as a “meeting hub” for the suppliers, the TraceGenie Platform, and the Tracing agents.

Tracing Process Workflow

  • Data collated from the clients are loaded to the company system.
  • Data is scrutinized and divided into ID or no ID.
  • With ID – This class of data will be transferred to Data Provider for Data Enrichment.
  • No ID with DOB – This category of data will be moved to Data Provider for compatible matches on DOB, Name, and Surname.
  • No ID no DOB – Potential contact data from various databases through data mining procedures.
  • The next step will be dividing the record into the Deceased and Alive Records.
  • The data cleansing, deceased flag, and the ID verification is the responsibility of Data Provider.
  • The data is loaded onto the TraceGenie for tracing as soon as the entire procedures of data are completed.
  • Our tracing agents in the network will start the process of claiming and action the instructions.

We also offer extra verification services such as:

  • Bank Account Verification (AVS)
  • Death Certifiactes
  • ID Verification

Kindly note that the “No Trace No Fee” is not related to the verification services.

Beneficiary Tracing Services

  • Desktop tracing
  • Physical tracing
  • Collation of documentation
  • Investigative tracing
  • Forensic tracing

A Low Risk Service Provider

Our success is based on a “no success, no fee” industry standard, and we have a team of over 200 highly trained tracing agents who ensure outstanding performance and service deliveries, with subsequent quality assurance checks and we have Professional indemnity Insurance of R5M to safeguard members/ stakeholders and clients .

A Capable and Reliable Partnership

We prefer to work in partnership with our clients, in an accountable and transparent approach toward business dealings. Our services are Cloud-based and accessible from any device, clients have full access to the system to monitor the progress of their instructions in real-time. Trace instructions will not be returned until each and every avenue has been exhausted and every attempt is made to fulfil your instruction.

Our goal is to provide an exceptional experience each time, as we believe word of mouth referrals from delighted and satisfied customers are our most powerful marketing message.

We have a common goal aimed at offering an excellent experience for our clients. We have a firm belief that the feedback from customers who are satisfied with our services will increase our clientele base. When these delighted clients recommend our services, their review becomes our advocated marketing message which builds the confidence of prospective leads in our brand.

Value for Money

You can depend on us for competitive charges and you are assured of acquiring good value for your money when you mandate our TraceGenie services. Our fees are market related, and with the use of the TraceGenie platform, you are assured of comprehensive control and accountability, swift turnaround times, minimal fraud risk, and peace of mind knowing your instructions are in the most capable hands. 

Benefits of our offering includes:

  • 100% accuracy - our qualified agents do comprehensive quality checks on each confirmed trace, including bank verification, if required;
  • 24/7 access to the system to monitor progress in real-time;
  • 60-day guarantee on data and trace results;
  • Free re-trace, within the 60-day guarantee period;
  • Instant access to a national network of over 200 highly skilled and experienced trace agents.

This means you are working with an organisation that brings extensive previous experience, backed by the best agents. We have the technology, processes and methodologies to meet and exceed your expectations and successfully deliver the required outcomes.

Professional Bodies and Associations

Industry related Associations & Organisations

The association for tracing agents - AFTA

The purpose of this association is to share ideas, sources, Internet resources, keep up-to-date on legal aspects of locating missing persons, ask for assistance and act as a beneficial network. It's here to help you to develop skills to find missing persons faster!

The Association for tracing agents is a voluntary association, which promotes fair and equitable services.

As an organization, the assosiation for tracing agents subscribe to professionalism, integrity, high quality service, accountability and relationship building. 

This site was created as a way to bring everyone in the tracing industry together. Think of it as a bridge that connects one side to another...tracers, service providers, collection agencies, tracing agencies, data providers etc. Every member associated with afta will undergo a rigorous evaluation upon approval of membership. We only want legitimate members and companies serious about the tracing industry to be a part of afta.

Membership is free of charge, and with that, you can access the forums, attend live network chat events, blog on open discussion forums and other free groups.

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Allow us to tickle your taste buds with our user friendly portal, which you can access from anywhere in the world. 

As a reputable reseller Credit Bureau, we are experts in the provision of various offline Certificates. You can count on our expertise for the provision of important documents within a specified time. Documents available include Death Certificate, ID Verification , SARS Clearance Certificate, Birth Certificate, Psira verification, Marriage Certificateand and Tax Number Retrieval. We also specialize in the provision of documents such as vehicle ownership, passport verification, and vehicle license plate history.
Kindly note that these documents are available at different timeframes. Irrespective of your documents, you can be assured of our ability to deliver genuine data