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Confidential - Reliable - Affordable

At TraceGenie, we go the extra mile to ensure the authenticity of trace results and data.

We also offer a free re-trace provided the information has been confirmed to be inaccurate within the 60-day guarantee period.

TraceGenie utilize state-of-the-art search tools and a combination of databases with the experience of our dedicated and experienced telephone/field tracing network and the innovative TraceGenie Management System to confirm the location of the beneficiary. This service is a trace and verification procedure, and the established details of the beneficiary are available in real time as soon as they are verified and checked on the TraceGenie portal.

Our team of tracing agents will be used to conduct the physical field tracing and confirmation of details. These field agents maintain a friendly connection with basic community setups such as chiefs, community-based groups, and ward councilors.

There is a 60-day guarantee for trace information. In case we send you inaccurate information, and it is within the grace period of sixty days, we will offer a re-trace at no extra cost if you have been given an invoice. We will ensure all confirmed trace reports are made available to you each day, in real time, on our system.

Our clients have unlimited access to our online system and retrieve reports in their preferred formats like Excel, CSV or PDF. Each of the statements offers concise information on every procedure carried out on it. Trace reports that have been confirmed will show the updated or established details of the beneficiary or shareholder.

While successful contact rates by tracing agents in the industry range between 25%-60% dependent upon member data completeness, data integrity, and membership demographics.

Our system is created as a meeting hub for the suppliers, the TraceGenie Platform, and the Tracing agents.

We utilize our sister company, for the data enrichment of all instructions. Smarttrace boast of access to over sixty million consumer records from different Credit Bureau which also entails confirmed details of persons who are no longer alive.

Tracing Process Workflow

  • Data collated from the clients are loaded to the company system.
  • Data is scrutinized and divided into ID or no ID.
  • With ID – This class of data will be transferred to Smarttrace for Data Enrichment.
  • No ID with DOB – This category of data will be moved to Smarttrace for compatible matches on DOB, Name, and Surname.
  • No ID no DOB – Potential contact data from various databases through data mining procedures.
  • The next step will be dividing the record into the Deceased and Alive Records.
  • The data cleansing, deceased flag, and the ID verification is the responsibility of Smarttrace.
  • The data is loaded onto the TraceGenie for tracing as soon as the entire procedures of data are completed.
  • Our tracing agents in the network will start the process of claiming and action the instructions.

We also offer extra verification services such as:

  • Bank Account Verification (AVS)
  • Death Certifiactes
  • ID Verification

Kindly note that the “No Trace No Fee” is not related to the verification services.

Beneficiary Tracing Services

  • Desktop tracing
  • Physical tracing
  • Collation of documentation
  • Investigative tracing
  • Forensic tracing

Debtor Tracing Services

  • Contact details trace (RPC - Right Party Contact)
  • Residential Trace
  • Employment Trace
  • Residential & Employment
  • Administration confiramtion and Verification
  • Debt Review confirmation and Verification

Business / General Tracing Services

  • Contact Trace: Trace and confirm latest contact details.
  • Shareholder tracing
  • Third Party tracing
  • Company trace
  • Director trace

A Low Risk Service Provider

Our success is based on a “no success, no payment” option as we boast of a team of highly trained tracing agents who ensure an outstanding performance and service delivery.

A Capable and Reliable Partnership

As a reliable brand, we desire to maintain collaboration with our esteemed clients with the application of the accountable approach to transactions. With a cloud-based platform which can be accessed from any device, it offers you the opportunity to the system to track the progress of your instructions in real-time. We will ensure your trace instructions will not be sent back to you until each avenue has been completed and our team has worked assiduously to complete your instruction.

We have a mutual goal aimed at offering excellent experience for our clients. We have a firm belief that the feedback from customers who are satisfied with our services will increase our clientele base. When these happy clients recommend our services, their review becomes our potent marketing message which builds the confidence of prospective leads in our brand.

Value for Money

You can count on us for competitive charges and you are assured of acquiring good value for your money when you order our services at TraceGenie. Our fees are not expensive, and with the use of the TraceGenie platform, you are assured of a comprehensive control and accountability, swift turnaround times, minimal fraud risk, and the calmness in your mind that the best professionals handle your instructions. 

Benefits of our offers:

  • 60-day Guarantee on trace results and data 
  •  24/7 access to the system to check the progress of your instructions in real-time.
  •  Complete accurateness- We have a team of professional tracing agents who engage in quality checks on each trace which include verification of bank account details.
  •  The offering of free re-trace services provided it is within the 60-day warranty period at no added cost.
  •  Prompt access to a national network of more than twenty hundred experienced trace agents.
  • Clients are assured of collaborating with a reputable brand that is experienced and has a team of professional and friendly tracing agents. We possess the required techniques, procedures, and technologies to ensure your expectations are met and exceeded while we work on the successful delivery of the excellent results.