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Who We Are

The idea behind TraceGenie was the vision of Mr Thinus Smith, our founder, who has more than 20 years' experience in the financial services domain. In 2010, he started researching the tracing industry. Consultations were held with various stakeholders on the needs of the industry, the way in which tracing was done, the type of systems used and the availability of these systems and tools to the tracing agents. The result was that only the big players have access to proper systems, and only for their own internal use. The vision then became a mission - to make available a user-friendly tracing platform that is easy to use and available to any tracing agent, no matter the size of their business.
The idea was to move away from spreadsheets. Even with our advanced technology, 80% of tracing done is still managed on spreadsheets. Our goal is to change that, and to empower and educate the tracing agents and Corporates to better use the technology that is available for the management and monitoring of trace instructions.

After three years of research, we started the development of the TraceGenie platform and registered the company in July 2014. We officially launched the platform in March 2015 and went live with our first trace instructions on 01 April 2015.

We pride ourselves on our reliable, well-trained network of over 200 trace agents, each with a minimum of 10 years’ experience in the tracing industry. Specializing in Beneficiary Tracing, Missing Person Tracing, Employment Tracing, Asset Tracing, Third Party (Accident) Tracing, Shareholder Tracing and Relative Tracing, the team is led by:

  • Thinus Smith, Founder & Managing Director;
  • Victor Matsimela, Co-Founder and Executive Director; and
  • Deon Marais, Co-Founder & Director Customer Service
  • Danette Havenga - Senior Client Liason Manager

Company Information

Business Name: TraceGenie Pty Ltd

Registration Number: 2014/134978/07

VAT Number: 4470269202

BBBEE Status: Level 4 (EME)

Office Number: 087 231 0285

Fax Number: 086 551 2208



Directors Profiles:

Thinus Smith Managing Director



Victor Matsimela Executive Director



Deon Marais Customer Service Director



Danette Havenga  Senior Client Liason Manager



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