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TraceGenie - Trace Instruction Management System

TraceGenie is an easily accessible and user friendly online Trace Management System, allowing you to:

  • Register as a Supplier / Client
  • Upload your Trace Instructions, single or batch
  • Monitor the progress of your instructions in real-time
  • Register unlimited Administrators/Users on the system – each User can manage his/her own batch instructions.

Using the TraceGenie online platform eliminates the need to contact and use multiple tracing agents. By uploading your instructions, they are instantly accessed by over 200 specialist tracing agents, each with their own extensive networks, unique tracing tools and proven methods.


You will have full access to our online system and can draw reports in any of the following formats: CSV, Excel or PDF. Reports are fully configurable to your unique requirements by using our mapping systems, which allows for mapping any field available in our database.

All reports have detailed information on all actions performed.

Client Report

Registering as a Supplier (Client) on the TraceGenie Platform is a quick, convenient and easy process.

You now have full access to the system and can configure and add additional users as required.

Once registered, simply upload the trace instruction file and select desired outcome and fee structures. Instructions can be uploaded individually or in bulk spreadsheets containing the instruction information.

We GEO code all our trace instructions where possible, and use agents closest to the region where the trace needs to be performed since each agent has his/her own local contacts that gives them the advantage and info that no other trace agent will have.


We will send you a confirmation email that the batch file has been processed and is now available for trace agents to claim.

Confirmed trace reports will show under pending approval, awaiting client approval and confirmation.

Confirmed trace reports will display the confirmed, updated person details including a map of the persons physical address if available on google maps.

Instruction Report
The system is live and updated in real time, enabling you to track the progress of your instructions when and where it suits you.
You will receive a daily update on all completed trace instructions via email notification.
We only return a trace instruction as unsuccessful once all avenues have been exhausted. Our system automatically reallocates a no trace to another trace agent to reconfirm. Only once an instruction is marked as a no trace by 5 or more agents, will we return it to you as a no trace. This ensures that you always get the best possible results.


The TraceGenie dashboard provides you with a complete overview of the status of all your tracing instructions quickly, clearly and in one location.

Status Dashboard