TraceGenie - Trace Instruction Management System

TraceGenie is a user-friendly online Trace Management system which permits you to:

* Sign up as a Supplier/ Client
* Track the progress of your instructions in real-time
* Load your Trace instructions, single or multiple
* Register unlimited Administrators/Users on the system – each User can manage his/her personal batch instructions.

Taking advantage of the TraceGenie online platform will prevent you from engaging the services of several tracing agents. When you upload your instructions, more than two hundred experienced trace agents, each with their unique networks, and personalized tracing tools and reliable techniques. 


As our client, you will gain unrestricted access to our online system and obtain full reports in your preferred formats such as PDF, CSV or Excel.

These reports are configured to your unique requirements with the use of our unique mapping systems, which enables mapping of any available field in our database.

Delivered reports contain comprehensive information on every action executed. 

Client Report

It is convenient to register as a supplier (client) on the innovative TraceGenie platform.

You can enjoy comprehensive access to the system, organize and include additional users when needed.

As soon as you are registered on our platform, upload the trace instruction file, choose your preferred outcome and fee structures. You can load your instructions separately or in bulk spreadsheets which comprise the instruction information.

We “GEO code” our entire trace instructions and utilize the expertise of agents who are resident within the Geographical region where the trace process will take place. This is because every agent possesses his or her local contacts which offer them a competitive edge and information that other trace agent lacks.


You will receive a confirmation email from us that the batch file has been processed and available for the trace agents to claim.

Confirmed trace reports will appear under pending approval, awaiting client approval and confirmation.

Confirmed trace reports will show the appraised and confirmed contact details of an individual as well as a map of the person’s physical address on the Google Maps.  

Instruction Report
Live and updated systems are available in real time, which allow monitoring of the progress of your instructions whenever you feel the need in doing so.
Receipt of daily update on the completed trace instructions are delivered through email.
We will record a trace instruction as failed when all avenues have been depleted. We have created our system to automatically transfer a “no trace” instruction to another trace agent for reconfirmation. We will return an instruction to you as a “no trace” when it has been marked as a “no trace” by five or more agents. We do this to ensure you achieve excellent outcomes when you contract with us.


With the TraceGenie dashboard, you can view a full glimpse of the status of your entire tracing instructions swiftly and in one location.

Status Dashboard