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Our skilled and dedicated Global Network of Tracing Agents, supported by our Trace Management System allows access to Clients to track the progress of any trace instruction on-line, in real time.

You can count on our enthusiastic and proficient global network of tracing agents who are sustained by our innovative Trace Management System. This creative trace management system offers our clients the opportunity to monitor the progress of trace instructions in real time as well as online.

As a reputable brand, TraceGenie has continuously made concise efforts to improve and enhance its valuable services to meet the obligations of its industry with our adherence to professional ethics obtainable in our business sphere.

Our services are processed and governed by independent systems creatively designed to focus on the core needs of our esteemed clients and also offered according to the terms of contracted Service Level Agreements.

We deliver exceptional service as we have a complete system and general control in place for the benefit of our esteemed clients. With the inclusion of the Professional Indemnity Insurance cover to the tune of R5 million, the potential or supposed client risk is adequately addressed by our team at TraceGenie.

As a Tracing Service provider with enormous experience in the field, TraceGenie possesses a thorough understanding of the procedures and processes, and this has helped us to revolutionize our system to meet the industry’s requirements and offer assistance for administrators to ensure they settle unclaimed benefits effectively. These include:

  • 24/7 safe online access to real-time status reports,
  • Instruction Search Functionality, 
  • Gives you the opportunity to audit, track, and access electronic copies of documents,
  • Unlimited reports and personal report mapping (building),
  • Live chat access to support and inquiries.