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Our entire system is designed as a network between the Supplier (Client), the TraceGenie Platform and the Tracing Agents.

Tracing Process Workflow

Electronic Data obtained from client for Beneficiary Tracing
  • Bulk or single instructions

    1. Client Data

    Data is received from the clients and then loaded to the Trace Genie Portal

  • Internal processes by TraceGenie

    2. Data Analysis

    Data to be analysed and split into with ID or no ID

  • Data enrichment by Smarttrace

    3. Data Enrichment

    o With ID - will go to Smarttrace for Data Enrichment
    o No ID with DOB - will go to Smarttrace for possible matches on DOB, Name, Surname
    o No ID no DOB - Potential contact data from different databases through data mining techniques

  • Living Status

    4. Status Verification

    • Next step will be to split Deceased and Alive Records
    o Smarttrace will do data cleansing, ID Verification and Deceased flag

  • Tracing Agents to trace and verify

    5. Awailable for Agents

    Once all data processes are done, data is loaded onto TraceGenie for tracing

Tracing Process Completed

Our Approach

Obtain confirmed member contact details, including postal address and telephone contact details.

In the event that the member is deceased, Next of Kin details are provided

We have a specialized network of field agents specializing in:

• Beneficiary Field Tracing - Physical Tracing, visiting the beneficiary and signing of relevant documents for payout.

Obtain completed forms & supporting docs from members.

Verify that it is a valid and open bank account and that the given ID matches to the bank account.