Our system has been designed to serve as a robust network that connects the Client (Fund Administrator), the tracing agents, and the TraceGenie platform.

Tracing Process Workflow

Electronic Data obtained from client for Beneficiary Tracing
  • Bulk or single instructions

    1. Client Data

    Data is collated from the Client and uploaded to the TraceGenie Portal.

  • Internal processes by TraceGenie

    2. Data Analysis

    There is a separation and analysis of organized information as it will be divided into two classes namely; with ID or without ID.

  • Data enrichment by Data Providers

    3. Data Enrichment

    * With ID- Data in this category will be moved to Smarttrace for Data Enrichment.
    * NO ID with DOB- This data will be transferred to Smarttrace for possible matches on DOB, Name, and Surname.
    * NO ID, NO DOB – Potential contact data from various databases through data mining methods.

  • Living Status

    4. Status Verification

    * Classification of the deceased and living records
    * Smarttrace will handle the ID verification process, data cleansing, and deceased flag.

  • Tracing Agents to trace and verify

    5. Available for Agents

    As soon as the entire data procedures are completed, data will be loaded onto the TraceGenie for the commencement of the tracing process.

Tracing Process Completed

Our Approach

Acquire real contact details of a member including telephone contact details as well as the postal address. In a case where the member is dead, the details of the next of kin will be offered.

We have a dedicated team of field agents who are experts in:

Beneficiary Field Tracing – Engaging in physical training, checking the beneficiary and ensure essential documents meant for payout are appropriately signed.  

Receive duly completed forms and other relevant documents from members.

Confirm that the bank account is an active account and ensure the given ID details are compatible with the bank account.