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By using our specialised network of tracing agents we can track down the most elusive of people!

TraceGenie is a fantastic online platform that enables you to load any form of trace instruction. TraceGenie is a renowned brand with a wide association of tracing agents spread across all parts of the country with each of them possessing their creative tracing techniques and tools. Presently, we boast of having more than two hundred tracing personnel who are experts in Relative Tracing, Missing Person Tracing, Employment Tracing, Asset Tracing, and Beneficiary Tracing amongst others.
These experts are trained on a regular basis on smart ways to use the system, and we motivate them to avoid spreadsheets. With the application of innovative systems for the management of trace instructions, their productivity level is increased. This will also help them to offer an excellent service and enhanced reporting service to the clients.
Our trace agents are readily available to claim loaded instruction either bulk or individual. These trace agents usually have a certain number of days to work on the instruction and often receive an email reminder if they fail to login to the system for a specific time.
The system is available online as well as real-time, and this offers you the chance to monitor the progress of your instructions each day. However, you will be notified of the entire trace instructions on a daily basis.


We locate your missing and absconded debtors, providing you with their contact telephone numbers and residential address info.

We confirm employment details of your missing debtors, providing you with their employment information. Information provided includes employer name, address and telephone no., occupation, nature of employment, employee number and any other verified details related to their employment.

We will trace third parties involved in vehicle accidents and obtain all relevant information that may be required by the insurance company.